Sponsor Spotlight: Habanero’s Restaurant

Habanero's RestaurantHabanero’s Restaurant, at 52 Wellington St. E., is only a short walk from WordCamp Toronto. That’s a good thing, because after a Saturday full of WordPress, we’re all heading over to Habanero’s to keep the momentum going!

We’ll be gathering at Habanero’s Restaurant @ 6:30pm on Saturday, November 5th. Complementary munchies will be provided, and Habanero’s will be closed for a few hours, making this a WordCamp-only event… so come and join us!

(FYI: For those of you from Toronto, Hernando’s Hideaway changed their name to Habanero’s. Same owner, same place, different name.)

About Andy McIlwain

Andy McIlwain (@andymci) is an organizer of Toronto's WordPress meetups and WordCamp. By day, he wrangles WordPress for B2B lead gen websites with Brainrider. You can find him on Twitter or his personal blog.
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  1. hi, nice post, i would like to share it but this link does not work : https://toronto.wordcamp.org/2011/2011/10/21/sponsor-spotlight-habaneros am i doing it wrong ? thanks

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